Lazer Clays

Most people have heard of clay pigeon shooting – well, Lazer Clays is exactly that, just with lasers instead! Our indoor Lazer Clay range features a picturesque landscape with built-in targets for you to aim at!

What to Expect

If you’ve never experience clay pigeon shooting before, then you’ll be starting from scratch with our Go Active Lazer Clays. Instead of clay cartridges, our Lazer Clay guns use an infared laser. Targets will light up at random, and you’ll need to point, aim and shoot! Our Lazer Clay range uses realistic sounds to get you in the zone and set the scene! You can expect to develop focus and aiming skills during your experience with our Lazer Clays with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable instructors.

Things to Know
Wear comfortable and movable clothing Wear flat, sturdy and comfortable shoes We recommend having an isotonic sports drink or bottle of waterMin age. 8yrs oldPlease arrive 5 minutes early
Avaliability for Lazer Clays
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