Think of the Three Musketeers, or even Zorro! Fencing is swordplay sport, a recreation enjoyed by those of all ages. As well as being a physical sport, fencing is also considered to be a mental workout due to strategy! Two fencers will take part in a ‘bout’ where the other will try and score points by making contact with their opponent with their weapon – but don’t worry, it’s all safe!

What to Expect

Wondering what you’ll get out of your Go Active Fencing experience? For starters, you’ll learn some exciting strategies and hone your reaction times under the supervision of our trained instructors! Your instructor will teach you how to achieve the perfect ‘en-garde’ stance, how to get your fancy footwork right and help you refine your bladework.

Things to Know
Make sure you are comfortably dressed Flat, sturdy and comfortable shoes are a must Bottle of water is recommended No training requiredMin age. 8yrs oldPlease arrive 5 minutes early
Avaliability for Fencing
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