Air Boardz

A recent phenomenon, Air Boardz enable you to feel like you’re weightless as you zip around on two wheels in a different way! Our Air Boardz require you to use your balance to stay upright and use your body weight to navigate in a fun and unique way!

What to Expect

Our trained instructors are on hand to help guide you through how to use our Air Boardz in a fun and safe way! The kids can whizz around to their heart’s content during their Air Boardz session and experience the fun that comes with this unique way to navigate on 2 wheels! They’ll really enjoy being able to move effortlessly and seamlessly on our Air Boardz under the supervision of our trained and friendly instructors.

Things to Know
Wear comfortable sports clothes. Avoid loose and baggy trousers. Trainers are recommended.Min age. 8yrs oldPlease arrive 5 minutes early
Avaliability for Air Boardz
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